Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga assists Mother and Baby to bond while giving the mom and gentle work out in a supportive environment. In a pregnancy yoga class you can expect gentle yoga stretches, breathing that will aid in stress release, positive affirmations, and relaxation techniques.  All wonderful tools that when practiced can help aid in a positive birth experience for Mom and baby.

About my training
I have been teaching prenatal yoga for 8 years and I'm certified in 2 countries. The last 8 years has been dedicated to studying pregnancy, birth and the post partum period as it pertains to movement and yoga. I've trained with a variety of knowledgeable teachers in the US and UK.  I provide a space for women to feel safe in exploring their full potential in movement, breathing, relaxation and education.  In addition to prenatal yoga, I am also a certified Experienced RYT, teaching vinyasa yoga in general classes and a certified Mom and Me yoga teacher. I specialize in creating space for cultivating inner awareness of the body. 

Weekly Classes
     Tuesday's 1200-1300 - Ramstein Southside Fitness Center, RAB, Germany (see schedule)
    Wednesday's 1000-1115 - Beginner Yoga - Grace Ballet Studio, Kaiserslautern 

Yoga Meditation PDF Download

Private Lessons & Workshops
Private Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga Classes - 75 - 90 minute yoga class of your choice in the privacy of your home.  As a trained seasoned teacher we create a custom class depending on capabilities, practice and goals. I will work with you one on one, or while a little one runs around us to create a lasting practice. 

Pregnancy Yoga Workshops, 3 hour pregnancy yoga workshop focusing on hip and heart opening, positions to relieve common aliments of pregnancy, stress relief breathing techniques, active labor positions for mum and deep relaxation. Includes a question and answers session.  check the schedule

Yogic Birth, A Couples Workshop - 3 hour active labor course for couples. Focusing on gentle stretches and active labor positions for couples, breathing techniques for both Mom and partner, relaxation techniques and additional useful active labor information.  Questions/Answers, refreshments and supportive environment included. Group dates to be announced, check calendar for details. Private class also available for privacy and personal customization. Please contact me directly to set a date. 

The Active Labor Couples workshops can be book privately or in small groups in your own home at your convenience. 

What people are saying:
"We both weren't sure what to expect ... but we were really pleased that the class was really informative! 
My husband said it gave him knowledge of both how to support me through labour with different breathing techniques and the different birthing positions" - Liv and Shawn

"You can read and read but sometimes it helps to discuss things with others and share knowledge" - Liv

"It was wonderful for us to (finally) do something together to engage with the pregnancy, and we're both now feeling really positive about things to come" - Lucy and Chris

"I didn't take the epidural like I planned. I was able to use breathing techniques and would remember everything you told me in the prenatal class.  Isara was 6lbs 4oz. She is so beautiful and I am proud to be a mom. Even though you weren't with me in the delivery room, I had you in my mind and everything that you taught and it helped me so much. Thanks so much" - Stephanie

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