Doula Services

Birth Doula Services
As a birth doula, I am available to provide unconditional emotional and physical support to Mom and family, no matter what your choices are for your birth preferences are. 

"Katie consistently draws from both experience and research in her birth practices as well as her yoga instruction. This combination lends itself to her being an individual that you can easily trust to guide you through something as important as the birth of your child. My husband and I have had the pleasure of having Katie as our doula for our two children, and I truly couldn’t imagine having anyone else help us through both pregnancies, births, and post-partum periods. Her knowledge of birth related topics is vast, and she’s quite open to learning about new advances and studies in the field as well as sharing what she knows with others. " Julian family 

Services Include:
    Free initial 1 hour interview 
    2 prenatal visits to prepare for your preferences
    On call period, 10 days before & 10 days after due date
    Birth! I come when you or your partner call... 
    2 post-partum visits to decompress, give resources, etc  
    Educational resources for preparation of birth
    Evidence Based Birth® Online Parents class
    Comfort measures and relaxation techniques
    Partner preparation, how to be present for your partner 
    Tens machine for pain relief 
    Tips and tricks for preparing for birth

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement
 not your greatest fear"- Jane Weideman

No matter what your birth preferences are, I will be there to help your family along the way. 

Prenatal Doula Services Only
I'm available for you in person or via skype/facetime for Prenatal planning. 
Services via Skype/Facetime are $25.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum

Service Include: 
    Birth Plan prep
    Discussion of preferences and discovering area's of concern
    Comfort measures and relaxation techniques
    Breathing techniques 
    Evidence based information
    Partner Preparation, How to be present for your partner
    Tips and Tricks

Postnatal Doula Services
As a postnatal doula, I am available to help families with their new arrival. I'm available for you in person or via skype/facetime for your postnatal needs. 

Service Include: 
    Practical and emotional support 
    Caring for your baby as you shower or rest  
    Household chores
    Playing with older children
    Walking the dog
    Cooking or my personal favorite baking
    Answering questions and putting you in touch with local resources
    A gentle post partum yoga class in your home, including closing the bones
    Even a trip to the grocery store with 2 children could use an extra set of hands

I will be a safe non judgmental confidant. I am here to listen... 
The above list are just recommendations, we tailor your post partum needs depending on your circumstances

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"She has dedicated her life and career to helping mothers find their inner strength and peace.  Her focus on the role of dads, how they can enrich the birth process and the fact that dads too can have birth trauma, blew my mind.  Katie continually seeks new information and research as well as long standing birth practices to ensure she is as well informed as possible to help her clients, friends, family, and even acquaintances with any and all questions they may be fretting over. " - Hillard family

"I really had no clue what doulas were or what they did until I met Katie. Once she opened my eyes to the support doulas provide, I knew I needed to have that support by my side during labour. Once Katie agreed to doula for me, she made sure to always bring a calm yet cheery atmosphere to discuss; my birth plan, any concerns I had, support I needed. I especially appreciated her yoga knowledge during my pregnancy and how I gained the confidence to trust my body and myself during my pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. I opted for a natural birth in a hospital setting and became extremely fortunate when I went into labour and the midwife was on duty, yay! With my birth plan in hand, my husband and Katie nearby to support me I was admitted to the hospital. I specifically remember during labour having my hair constantly get in my face and annoying and distracting my focus from labour, and that's when Katie did something so simple but so significant to me during that time, she took a clip out of her hair and gave it to me. I needed to focus and Katie gave me that power. Simply having Katie in my room during labour silently observing, constantly restarting my music, filling my water, helping when asked,  and staying calm and relaxed was exactly what I needed during my labour. To me that is a doula, supportive and respectful of you doing you in such a meaningful and empowering time. Thank you Katie! P.S. I still have that hair clip in my birth momentous!" - Ornellas family

"Katie was always a step a head of me and how my body was reacting to child birth. Her confidence in me was overwhelming and encouraging.  So, when I conceived my second child I was sadden that Katie was not going to be my doula. With her guidance I hired her understudy but spiritually Katie was there every step of the way; from walking to the hospital with me to remembering to take deep breath so I don’t hyperventilate.  Delivering naturally with no medications was my top priority and she walked me through the whole experience with such calmness and level headed demeanor. I would highly recommend Katie as a doula for anyone needing the knowledge and moral support not only before and during but also post birth." - Torres family
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