Hi! I'm Katie, a certified doula, prenatal yoga instructor, and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor! I work with professionals and individuals to help more families have the positive birth experiences that they want. I can help you and your clients, too!


"As a doula, Katie supported many women achieve their desired birth plan while working seamlessly with the hospital staff. All those who came into her company and after a few deliveries together recognized her soft-spoken positive energy immediately; I noted her professional demeanor, integrity and service leadership." 

Lt. Col Norcross, CNM USAF

Our next tour in life has landed us in Ramstein, Germany in 2018.  We are coming from Colorado Springs, CO where I founded the COS chapter of the military birth resource network. I served as an American Red Cross volunteer at the Military hospital Labor and Delivery ward and lectured at the university and military levels on the research associated with fitness in pregnancy and doula support.  Previously my family served a 5 year tour in the United Kingdom. My family's core values are service, honesty, integrity, and education, and I am so grateful that I get to live out those values every day in my work as a doula and instructor. I obtained my Masters of Arts in International Relations from Oklahoma University in 2016, and that same year I applied to the Evidence Based Birth® Instructor program so that I could get additional training in how to apply research evidence to my practice as a doula. My mission as a doula and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor is to help families become empowered to get the highest standard of birth care in the U.S., as well as overseas!

During my training as a doula in the United Kingdom under the celebrated Dr. Michel Odent, I discovered that women all over the world had difficulty believing in themselves when it came to birth. I was also dismayed to find that medical professionals and even doulas themselves suffer from feeling helpless, often as a result from bullying from their peers and from watching their clients be bullied by people above them in the power system.

In my role as a birth professional, I offer doula care, prenatal yoga classes, and official Evidence Based Birth® workshops (the Savvy Birth Pro and Savvy Birth Parent workshops) so that I can help support families and professionals in learning about birth and challenging the stereotypes. Through the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop in particular, I want to educate birth professionals in options, in evidence, and in how to pursue changing the culture of birth with passion. I  believe that the classes I teach will inspire professionals and bring together the community in a common spirit of improving all of our clients' birth experiences. 

"I have witnessed first-hand the dedication and passion that Katie has for empowering women to make informed decisions.  Katie has done everything from organizing socials that built a network of both American and English birth workers to facilitating doula speed dating events so every parent could find the doula right for them.  Katie was a crucial part of making our area more birth friendly and enabling families to have better births." - Heather Bradley, IBCLC, ALC, CLC, CLD

Providing loving support for families and birth workers in the Ramstein area. I would love to hear from you and talk with you about how we can work together.